Airplane WiFi

There have been several recent announcements about airlines starting to offer wireless internet on their flights.  I find it interesting that they are trumpeting this as something new and exciting, when, in my mind, they should have offered internet access on planes years ago, when wifi first started to take off.  There was one quote… Continue reading Airplane WiFi

Project Idea

Now that the weather is nice and the motorcycle is out, I’ve been noticing a few things that I would like on my bike.  For starters, I want a clock, but upon looking ofr a small LED clock to mount, I was not able to find anything that suited my needs.  This got me thinking… Continue reading Project Idea

MacBook Air: Not Impressive

I’ve noticed that the Apple fans have been raving about the announcement of the MacBook Air, so I started looking for information on it, as even non Apple fans seemed to be impressed. In my opinion, although the Air has some nice features and is a nice looking machine, it just doesn’t cut it in… Continue reading MacBook Air: Not Impressive

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Coming to a Windows Vista Near You

Nothing like Microsoft putting new security flaws in Windows while claiming its improving security. I don’t know why Microsoft would use a random number generator with several known and published flaws, not to mention the issue of its poor performance to other generators available. Perhaps its a standards issue, but a bad idea even if… Continue reading Coming to a Windows Vista Near You

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Sun Fire V120

Through the gracious efforts of a friend, I have managed to come by a Sun Fire V120 server with a 650MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor.  It is in need of a hard drive, but is otherwise in working order.  I’ll be getting some cheap 80 pin SCSI drives on ebay in a few days, but in… Continue reading Sun Fire V120

Internet Bans

I’ve noticed many items in the news recently in regards to restrictions and additional punishments put in place for sex offenders. The more I read about these, the more I think that we are going too far in certain aspects. The latest example that I saw is an article in the NY Times that reports… Continue reading Internet Bans

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Presidental Canidates

I had some downtime today and took it upon myself to read up on the views of some of the candidates for the 2008 presidential election. In order to get a good feel for the different candidates, and since many of their own webpages lack good information, I read the Wikipedia pages on them. Of… Continue reading Presidental Canidates

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