Linux and Dvorak Update

After using Dvorak for several months now, I am quite comfortable with the layout. Far from my initial struggles, I am no longer annoyed at the layout, but rather enjoy its benefits. I am faster than my Qwerty days, but am not quite to the level of touch typing. I was never much of a typist to begin with, so perhaps being faster in not that much of an accomplishment. Currently, I cannot see myself going back to Qwerty.

On the Linux front, my total conversion over to a Linux based desktop is going along great.  All of my computers currently run Gentoo,  as I just switched one of my servers from Xubuntu to Gentoo.  I do still have my Windows install around so that I can play the occasional game and get a file or two when necessary.  To maintain as much connection to my home computers as possible, I have started to make extensive use of SSH.  Thus, even when I am stuck in the computer labs at school, I can SSH into my box and get all the functionality I would normally have.  Cone has proved to be an excellent command line mail client (with POP and IMAP support) and naim is a functional command line AIM replacement, two common programs that I like to use.  mp3blaster is also a nice program to listen to music.

With the quarter winding down, I should be able to get back to my neglected projects, and maybe start some others.


  1. Oh, you mean the keyboard. I thought you were talking about John C. Dvorak. I was getting ready to let loose with my standard JCD tirade. Sorry. Carry on.

  2. When away at a conference, I installed mutt on my work server so that I could SSH to the server and read mail through that. Nothing like unencrypted Webmail to open up some potential nastiness. This was right after another conference, where some RIT students were caught running programs sniffing the wireless packets. Perhaps caught is the wrong word. I observed them in this behavior. Co-ops…

    You’re not going to mention anything about your conversion from FTP to SFTP?

    I recently dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/[my hard drive partition] just for fun before a complete reinstall of a work laptop, made wonderfully simple with a self-booting Ubuntu 7.10 disk. You would be proud. Except for the ubuntu part. But then again, I’m not known for caring particularly for your esteem …

    Caring for your beer, however, now that is a different story. What’s on tap for the end-of-quarter party?


  3. My reasons for SFTP are my own 🙂 SFTP is great, but the lack of tab completion starts to get frustrating. I use it when necessary, but otherwise use SSHFS to get at my data remotely.

    Ubuntu is great for a desktop for certain people, but I found it to be a little much for what I wanted. I switched my server abay from it because its an older Pentium 3 that does not need any extra features.

    Unfortunately, with finals ramping up this week, we felt it was best to avoid refilling the kegerator. Thus the taps are dry, much to the disappointment, but perhaps betterment, of all.

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