Samsung u550 Hidden Menus and Lock Codes

In playing with my Samsung u550 phone, I found some postings about various “hidden” menus.  On my old Motorola V265, these hidden menus allowed you to change such things as the HTTP proxy that the phone would use for web browsing.  By using your own proxy rather than the default Verizon proxy, you could avoid… Continue reading Samsung u550 Hidden Menus and Lock Codes

Airplane WiFi

There have been several recent announcements about airlines starting to offer wireless internet on their flights.  I find it interesting that they are trumpeting this as something new and exciting, when, in my mind, they should have offered internet access on planes years ago, when wifi first started to take off.  There was one quote… Continue reading Airplane WiFi

Lunar Eclipse

On Saturday, March 3, there was a lunar eclipse that was visible from my area, however, I was on a flight to Florida at the time as discussed in my previous post.  I had assumed that I would not be able to see it due to being stuck in airports all evening and clouds along… Continue reading Lunar Eclipse

Flying Without ID

In addition to technology, politics and privacy are two areas that interest me as well, and although this blog does not encompass those areas, I recently had an opportunity to fly without showing ID of any kind and wanted to share the experience. The process was quite painless, although from what I hear it varies… Continue reading Flying Without ID

Internet Out Again

Time Warner just can’t seem to give me an internet connection for more than a few days.  The longest streak of constant internet acess stands at 7 days.  Then, it will go out for at least 3 days… just long enough so that when the guy comes to look at it it works fine.  This… Continue reading Internet Out Again

Back again

Back again, and this time it should be for good.  Rather than host this off of my own server, I have moved things to hosting at  This should fix most of my problems, and for the price, outside hosting was a good deal. My internet connection is still pretty sketchy, and Time Warner has… Continue reading Back again