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  1. That actually came up in a discussion with a friend of mine. It could be an additional theft deterrent, sine the bluetooth enabled device or dongle would have to be within range for the bike to start. It could also be used as the primary (and only) means of rider authentication. I do not have any plans to implement a bluetooth starter at this time, as my primary goal is to learn to ride the machine before I start playing with things.

  2. One other possibility: to steal the bike, all they have to do is move it within range of your bluetooth device… so you could be sleeping in the dorm room, and they move the bike outside your wall, it starts up, and they drive away.

    You thought you were dreaming of picking up the hot chicks with the bike, but in fact someone was stealing it from you…

  3. well steve seems to be thinking like us, but with a little bit of programing for the device and you can then make that “nightmare” go away, require interaction with your bluetooth device before the bike turns on, then the would be thief would need your bike and your bluetooth device, also be sure your bikes in nutral … or else your bike might come join you in your room

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