MacBook Air: Not Impressive

I’ve noticed that the Apple fans have been raving about the announcement of the MacBook Air, so I started looking for information on it, as even non Apple fans seemed to be impressed. In my opinion, although the Air has some nice features and is a nice looking machine, it just doesn’t cut it in… Continue reading MacBook Air: Not Impressive

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Coming to a Windows Vista Near You

Nothing like Microsoft putting new security flaws in Windows while claiming its improving security. I don’t know why Microsoft would use a random number generator with several known and published flaws, not to mention the issue of its poor performance to other generators available. Perhaps its a standards issue, but a bad idea even if… Continue reading Coming to a Windows Vista Near You

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Sun Fire V120

Through the gracious efforts of a friend, I have managed to come by a Sun Fire V120 server with a 650MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor.  It is in need of a hard drive, but is otherwise in working order.  I’ll be getting some cheap 80 pin SCSI drives on ebay in a few days, but in… Continue reading Sun Fire V120